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Apprentice to Employee

November 10, 2015 • Investing in Young Enterprise

Apprentice to Employee

I followed an apprenticeship route through Monmouthshire Youth Service, after finishing school much earlier than I perhaps should have.  I think it’s fair to say I was a challenge!

I was given the opportunity to follow what was MYS’s first apprenticeship programme where we studied whilst working in a variety of youth work settings.  The supportive nature of the volunteering programme, coupled with managed risk allowed me as a kinaesthetic learner to flourish.  Having the opportunity to learn from experienced, professionally qualified staff whilst studying for a Diploma in Youth and Community Work afforded me success whereas I had struggled within my previous educational establishments.  The apprenticeship programme gave me the opportunity to experience a different culture whilst living and working as a Youth Worker in the east of Germany.  The personal and professional development from this experience abroad was profound. 


The fact that Monmouthshire Youth Service were willing to take the risk and put the sheer investment into me during the early days of the apprenticeship proved successful for both MYS and me personally.  As I went onto work within the department for 17 years in many different roles and would like to think I made a positive impact on the service.  I supported many young people in similar situations to my own during my time with MYS passing on the belief that I was given at the start of my career.