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Building Resource for Farm Enterprise

October 14, 2020 • Approved in Progress

Building Resource for Farm Enterprise

Whilst recognising the issues are complex, the overall aim is to develop a pilot programme to support the local food economy so that more food consumed in Monmouthshire is produced in the region.

This project will build the above and in a number of areas such as

ACTIVELY PROMOTING KNOWLEDGE OF HIGH-PRODUCTIVITY SUSTAINABLE SMALL FARMING METHODS. Create a first-class collection of resource materials based on outstanding successes from around the world, combined with an invitation to join a regional peer network of small-scale farmers. This will provide strong inspiration and support during the difficult first stages of building a new enterprise.

CREATE A LAND SERVICE. Set up a regional service that seeks land owners willing to make land available for new, small-scale, sustainable, profitable farming enterprises and to help them make practical arrangements.

RECRUIT FARMING ENTREPRENEURS. Identify potential new entrants via partnerships with relevant organisations e.g. sustainable farming / farming organisations and educational institutions.
New entrepreneurs: land, money, peer support, knowledge of high-productivity techniques.

DEVELOP FINANCING FOR NEW FARMING ENTERPRISE START-UP. Work with local and national Governments, banks (e.g. Triodos) and food/farming foundations to pursue funding for start-ups in the project and in the region and work towards development of a regional partnership.

The RDP funding allocated to this project is £45,056.

Start date is Sept 2020 – End date Dec 2021 (Ref T2019)