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Renewable Energy & Climate Change

Carbon Literacy for Communities

September 7, 2021 • Approved & Completed

Carbon Literacy for Communities

View the project report here

The Carbon Literacy Project is an internationally recognised peer to peer training programme that promotes climate change understanding and empowers individuals/organisations to make positive change to reduce emissions. On average, individuals who take part in the training reduce their emissions by 5-15%.

This LAG project aims to support the further roll-out of the training by targeting community organisations (town/community councils/community buildings/village halls) who hold or manage assets where action must be accelerated to help us reach our net zero ambitions by the 2030 deadline.

It is intended to achieve a training target of 80% of people representing town/community councils and community buildings in the Vale of Usk region i.e. approximately 106 participants.

Another important element of the project is ‘Train the Trainer’. This will help the long term sustainability of the project because we will be able to repeat the training again ourselves at no cost. It is intended to train 10 people and will be offered to members of staff from Monmouthshire County Council, Newport City Council, Adult Community Learning tutors and potentially community climate champions. This will also allow the training to be delivered to residents.

An additional amount has been set aside to deliver three courses as part of the academic year 2021/22 adult community learning programme in Monmouthshire and Newport. These courses will be run as a pilot and should provide valuable learning. It is hoped that this will then be adopted by the adult learning teams in future years thus leaving a long lasting legacy.

Total cost of project: £29,430.00 RDP Amount: £23,544.00

Project Start: September 2021

Project Finish: March 2022

View the project report here