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Catering Education Study

January 15, 2017 • Approved in Progress

Catering Education Study


View the results of study here

Brief description of the project

The Vale of Usk LAG has commissioned a scoping study which is required which takes into account the catering education needs in the Vale of Usk area, with a view to developing it as a centre for culinary and culinary education excellence, building on its reputation as the “Food Capital of Wales”. 

The Aim

What are we/the project trying to achieve

To undertake a scoping study to understand the  current national, regional and local strategic context of the education and food sectors and the current and future skills needs of the catering and hospitality sectors in the Vale of Usk and the wider South East Wales region.


The application for this project was approved by the LAG on 19th October 2016. It is due to start in January 2017 and finish in March 2017.

The total project cost is £24,979.50 (RDP contribution £19,983.60).