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Cluster Schools Education Project

October 16, 2020 • Approved in Progress

Cluster Schools Education Project

The Aim of the project is to develop an active partnership with local schools with the intention of developing a circular pilot project which will encompass all phases of produce /cooking /composting /growing /planting / vegetable harvest.

The project will add and enhance the school education curriculum, focusing on growing, cooking, farming and producing food in a practical way, working with farmers, growers, producers, chefs and businesses in the Monmouthshire area.

The intention is to enable the pupils to link directly to food, cooking and farming and influence the curriculum for future development in schools.

It will encourage the development of a programme of learning which will include education about produce /seasonality and growing cycles and to offer practical involvement in all elements of the food cycle where appropriate and establish an active engagement in the national curriculum in the future.

Central to the vision is :

• Educate pupils in provenance of foods – the growing cycle and seasonality
• Encourage different aspects of food cycle education in a practical manner
• Encourage shared experiences and influence curriculum activity
• Inspire and educate children about the potential careers ‘food, farming and
cooking/processing has to offer’
• Develop a “Cooking from scratch” approach to cooking the produce and learning about
• Organinising schools to visit each other to engage with the “where does our food come
from” principle- and the varying stages of production
• Forge links to education of young people which will identify local produce and have the
ability to create and inspire young people to cook /farm /grow and influence the curriculum
to improve education and encourage participation.

RDP funds allocated to this project £ £8.050.
Start date – June 2019 – Sept 2020