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Digital Inclusion Theme

Communication First

November 11, 2016 • Approved in Progress

Communication First

 View the year one report here

Aim of this project

The project is focussed on increasing communication for people living in Monmouthshire with complex needs, with particular emphasis on non-verbal individuals. Software exists that can assist individuals to communicate thoughts and feelings in more comprehensive and meaningful ways, which are not being explored at present within the county.

What will the project achieve

Exploring communication software packages and harnessing all that digital communication tools can offer, the project will develop training modules based upon the communication needs of people with complex needs. Disabled people who want to develop IT skills will receive training before working collaboratively to deliver training to beneficiaries with the support of the project worker. By working collaboratively within the peer group Monmouth People First (MPF) members who want to be involved will be able to support their peers with more complex needs to benefit from the available software.

The application for this project was approved by the LAG on 19th October 2016. The project started in July 2017 and will run over a two year period until July 2019.

Total cost of the project

£49,000 (RDP Amount: £32,000)

 View the year one report here