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Creative Arts Co-Working Study

June 26, 2017 • Approved & Completed

Creative Arts Co-Working Study

Final Report for the Study can be found here

The Aim of the project was to ‘determine the appetite/feasibility of a technical, digital and creative co-working space(s) within the Vale of Usk Region’

The priority for this project was to locate as many of the workers in this sector within the Vale of Usk region. This in itself presented challenges due to the rural nature of the area and the difficulty of locating home-workers, commuters and local businesses. Once this had been done the study determined if there was an appetite for a shared working space and how this could help encourage new opportunities for work based collaboration and economic development as well as being a place in which people feel connected, energised and inspired.

Specifically the study:
• built a fuller understanding of the tech, digital and creative sectors in the Vale of Usk
• Established the appetite for co-working space in the Vale of Usk
• Determined the feasibility and optimum location, site and design of such a work space(s) and identified a model for this facility that is suited to the needs and challenges of rural areas (right mix of services)
• Produced a recommendation report from the above points

The total project cost was £9,210 with RDP funding of £7,368 and the contract was awarded to the means.