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Eisteddfod Country Kitchen

May 12, 2016 • Approved & Completed

Eisteddfod Country Kitchen

This project funded eight days of activities based around local food by promoting local chefs, eateries, ingredients and signature dishes to Eisteddfod visitors. It engaged with local schoolchildren and offered a demonstration kitchen.

Activities included:

  • Children’s workshops;
  • Welsh chef demonstrations using local food and drink;
  • Masterclasses, delivered in Welsh including tutored wine, cider, perry and ale tastings;
  • Local food quiz;
  • A cookery competition; and
  • A local produce shop.

The project’s aim was to raise the profile of the Vale of Usk as a high quality food-tourism destination, and enhance the experience of visitors to the Eisteddfod. This was achieved by delivering an improved sense of place with a view to increasing the number of people who recommend the area’s food and drink experiences to their friends and relatives, and who become repeat visitors themselves. Local food and drink producers were involved in events, as well as a retail opportunity.

Timescales/Cost of project

The Vale of Usk LAG approved the application on 4th May 2016. Organisation and delivery of the activities took place from 29th July. The total cost of the project was £31,760, with an RDP contribution of £25210



Country Kitchen