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February 5, 2018 • Approved & Completed


Eurocook T2011

The aim of this project was to teach language skills and knowledge of another cuisine and culture at the same time as catering skills.

The project was a pilot using the Italian language but it could have equally be delivered in other languages as appropriate. The learning was linked to cookery sessions with an Italian cuisine.

The project was a partnership with the Modern Foreign Languages Department of Monmouth Comprehensive School (MCS) and the Network. The linked cookery sessions were led by Franco Tarucshio OBE, Michelin Starred Chef, with an emphasis on seasonality, using local produce and an introduction to the culture of the country. The pilot involved Year 8 at MCS. This is the year before GCSE choices are made so it meant that the pupils could get an idea of what is needed for a career in the tourism and hospitality industry in the Vale of Usk. The skills gained also added value to the pupils’ curriculum, in particular the Welsh Baccalaureate (BACC).

There were three phases:

  1. Four hours of language learning as part of the extra curricular provision at MCS. An introduction to Health and safety. The language lessons included vocabulary related to the cookery sessions, for example ingredients, equipment – and recipes. Four two hour sessions in the School kitchens led by Franco Taruschio, (Italian Michelin starred chef) where the students learned how to cook various Italian dishes, using local produce. Italian was the main language of communication during these sessions. Language teachers were also in the kitchen for these sessions to provide linguistic support to the participants. All activity has been mapped to the Welsh language. The kitchen session was observed (where appropriate) by media studies students to film the activity.
  2. Digital skills – A project website has been developed which can allow for replication of the process and activity to be shared widely. Media studies students have helped in the development. A DVD will also be produced for distribution to other schools and interested parties.
  3. The project was closed with a practical event that enabled participants to showcase the skills (culinary, linguistic and digital) and lessons they had learned.

MCS was given £1215 from the LEADER fund