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Non Statutory Service, Theme 3

Farming Community Network Exhibition Unit

July 23, 2020 • Approved in Progress

Farming Community Network Exhibition Unit

Farming Community Network (FCN) has obtained funding for a mobile facility to assist farming families and rural communities and offer them help with numerous issues such as health, ICT, and emergency services. With the Covid-19 virus, it is more important than ever. Specifically, funding is required to convert an existing unit and then to maintain it in roadworthy condition.

Public Health Wales recognises that farming families and rural communities and rural communities face major challenges. Greater proactivity is needed to both identify and alleviate stress and anxiety/depression. This can be achieved by building a sustained relationship with organisations such as FCN. (FCN, a pastoral and practical charity that “walks alongside” people that it seeks to help and “signposts” to other organisations that have expertise.) FCN has existing good relationships with other charities that work with the farming and rural communities: RABI, MIND Monmouth, DPJ (Daniel & Emma Picton-Jones), Welsh Government, Farm Liaison Service and emergency services are crucial links.

What does this project seek to do? Provide a mobile unit as a safe place for farmers, families, and others, to visit and share information and when required, have confidential conversations. A main site for the unit will be Monmouthshire livestock market but the intention is to also attend agricultural shows and other rural events. The inside of the unit will be designed so that the trained staff, with the help of volunteers, can undertake health screening including blood pressure measurement and other tests. Also, private discussion on mental health and well-being.

What would the unit look like? A crucial requirement is for a fully functioning, furnished mobile unit that ensures privacy. The internal arrangement should provide separate rooms for an open welcome area with seating and a separate room for 1-to-1 conversations. A mains electricity, and/or a generator, is needed for heating, lighting, and warm water, for hand washing and hot drinks. The unit must be accessible to all (steps & handrails plus a ramp). Seating and a small table are required to welcome people into the facility. Storage and racks/boards for promotional information from other rural organisations and agencies. A 4G/5G aerial & router would be valuable for internet access. The mobile unit would have a regular presence on the rural circuit.

Project Start date 1st August 2020

Project End date December 2021

Total Project Cost £30,000   RDP Value £24,000