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Living Levels Accommodation Pilot

September 19, 2017 • Approved & Completed

Living Levels Accommodation Pilot

View the results of study here

Living Levels imageThis project is for a study into visitor accommodation in the Gwent levels area to identify suitable options that are likely to be granted permission.  Two pilot applications will be supported through the process.

The study will consider innovative and environmentally adapted accommodation suitable for the Gwent Levels, eg floating/on stilts and liaise with Newport and Monmouthshire planners and other relevant statutory agencies.

Undertake an audit of current visitor accommodation (capacity, type, quality and location) against target markets identified in the Destination Plan and identify those businesses, landowners and farmers interested in providing more accommodation.

Develop a guide through the permissions and planning process that can be shared with others for future development in the area.

It is expected that the project brief will be on the Sell 2 Wales website in October 2017.  The project value is £25,000 – £15,000 for the Study and £10,000 for the pilot support.  The Leader funding value is £20,000.

View the results of study here