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Llanover Community Halls Cluster

June 12, 2017 • Approved in Progress

Llanover Community Halls Cluster

AIM: To trial the digital exploitation of community hubs by focusing on four villages within the Llanover ward of Monmouthshire.

(An RCDF capital funds application has been successful and will equip each hall with broadband, all halls internal building modifications for disabled access, improved digital environment and Wi-Fi equipment and bring superfast broadband to the four village halls in the Llanover ward.

The internet facility in each hall will provide doorstep opportunities for the local community to access high quality ICT for training (e.g. computer clubs, office, Skype, coding), social activities (e.g. films, music events, sport, shared experiences), economic benefit (new activities in the halls, business forums and training opportunities), community cohesion (joint activities for all ages, wider range of offers from the halls, clustering to boost facility profiles) and improved communication (marketing and media training, access to community council meetings)

This application will support some elements of the project such as equipment (printers and consumables), hall hire for Digital inclusion activity, mini bus hire to enable local rural access for all abilities, notices and noticeboards, generic stationery, insurance surcharges, publicity and booking support.

The project will seek to include all sectors of the Llanover ward community in its development and delivery and operation wherever possible which includes any involvement from volunteers in the community.

The project will be straight forward, easy to manage and generate a sustainable and reliable income that will be used to enable the project to continue after the end of the pilot period. The project will have a regularly reviewed business plan and activity programme with continual monitoring of use, uptake and feedback from users and user groups. There will be an emphasis on the sustainability of the project to ensure the project continues and grows beyond the funding deadline. This will be included in the delivery plan.

The project will use tried and tested systems and methodology for procurement, delivery and sustained use. We will incorporate a new and different approach to ICT use and engagement, not previously seen in the Vale of Usk region such as access to community council meetings for local residents via Skype or similar who are remote from the meeting location or are unable to drive but still wish to raise issues face to face with their local community council.

Total project cost £50,805;

RDP sum applied for £40,644

Commence June 2017 and end April 2020.