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Picture shows the Lord Raglan community boat

October 20, 2020 • Approved & Completed

MCBT Educational Boat

This project is renovating and developing a canal barge as a floating “classroom”/training space and community resource – linked to on – water, environmental, historical learning and to external (outdoor classroom) learning tools. It can also be used for team building /training events or meetings.

It seeks to impart historical and ecological information about the canal resulting in a better informed community. Schools will benefit from development of learning tools which will link directly to the curriculum. Community and tourists will benefit from the resource on the canal and it will support the development of a community asset which will develop volunteering and aid educational activity, particularly access to the canal and boat as a learning tool for schools and community tourism.

Environmentally the boat offers electric power, battery driven. It will be electrically recharged overnight with the intention is to further supplement this with solar cells on the boat and land based.

Volunteers from all sections of the community are encouraged to participate and could benefit from development and activity both skills based and social interaction, offering enjoyment of the local environment with minimum impact on the sensitive waterway ecology through quiet running water transport.

It is intended to act as an exemplar of sustainable electric transport offer the Monmouthshire and Beacons Bio Boat initiative as a way of engaging with the curriculum but also broadening outlook and enjoyment of the environment for individuals and families to enjoy. It should supplement and improve the quality of the life of local people including senior citizen, disabled and disadvantaged groups by giving people the opportunity to get involved with the project. It will be developing volunteering as crew, offering training to become qualified RYA Helmsmen and Boatmaster. Adding to this it is intended to support Goytre Wharf offering an opportunity to add to the attractive tourist facility.

In line with the CBT Charitable Objectives, any surplus monies, will be invested in education, promotion, improvement and restoration of the canal.

RDP funding allocated to this project is £29,500.