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Non- Statutory Services Theme

Rural Transport Study

June 19, 2017 • Approved in Progress

Rural Transport

Second draft report can be found here

The Aim of this study is to understand the dynamics of rural transport in the Vale of Usk region and to develop suitable recommendations to solve the issues uncovered.

This project will be a study conducted on behalf of the Vale of Usk LAG to investigate the dynamics of rural transport. The subsequent report will recommend cost effective solutions that will help integrate transport with local services to alleviate issues such as:

  • Rural isolation by helping connect those who have no means to getting to local services such as shops, doctors/hospital appointments, to socialise with others in their community and employment.
  • Rural poverty by helping people reach advice surgeries, digital active areas, fresh produce and advice centres.
  • Lack of digital infrastructure is another key issue in The Vale of Usk area. By improving transport more people will be able to get to areas where there is free Wi-Fi such as village halls, local hubs and towns.

These improvements will also help with the sustainability of community facilities as more residents will be able to use them and keep them open in the future.


Part of the study will look at how we can use transport to integrate services and organisations such as:

 Social Services:

  • Getting people to hospital appointments
  • Getting people to the doctors, dentists and other medical services
  • Getting people to day care centres
  • Getting older or isolated people ‘Just out’


  • Young people getting to school
  • Older people getting to college
  • People with no transport getting to potential work places
  • People who prefer to use alternatives to their own transport in order to:
  • Get to another transport mode such as a railway station where parking may be limited.
  • Get directly to their place of work

Socialising and tourism:

  • Tourism visitors to the region who want to get out, see, do things and spend money in the region
  • Youngsters getting to social gatherings safely
  • People who want to go to the theatre, cinema or bars etc., in an urban setting
  • People who want to meet other people at their homes etc.,
  • People who want to use local amenities such as village halls, sports centres etc.,

 The study will also research and identify other rural transport initiatives and identify best practice so that a comparative analysis can be drawn up of potential options for the Vale of Usk Region.

The total project is expected to cost £20,000 – £25,000- with RDP Leader funding contribution £16,000 – £20,000

Rural Transport Study Contract awarded to Systra Ltd. Study to commence on the 28th September 2017 and will take 3 months to complete.