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Renewable Energy at Community Level

Renewable Energy Community Schemes (RECS)

November 9, 2016 • Approved in Progress

Renewable Energy Community Schemes (RECS)

Aims of this project

A detailed feasibility study based around Monmouth to:
• Identify acreage suitable for woodland planting which, with sustainable management provide fuel for community heating schemes, the contribution these plantings would make to the reduction of surface water run-off, any land management that would assist in additional reduction of surface water run-off.
• Advise on the contribution to the reduction of surface water run-off from community orchards.
• Identify suitable watercourses for the installation of micro hydro schemes with the direct benefit of providing power for local community use.

What will the project achieve

Our principle objective is to have a plan – hence the need for the feasibility study. We expect this study to identify:-
• At least twenty sites suitable for woodland planting.
• At least four sites suitable for community orchards.
• Two or three water courses suitable for micro hydro schemes with potential for flood alleviation measures. It would also act as an indicator as to whether, as a separate exercise, such a survey would be beneficial to cover a wider area of Monmouthshire.


The application for this project was approved by the LAG on 19th October 2016. The project is due to start in December 2016 with an anticipated final report available in the autumn of 2017.

Total cost of the project

£30,000.00 (RDP Amount: £24,000.00)