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Restoring White-tailed Eagles to Wales

May 23, 2022 • Approved in Progress

Restoring White-tailed Eagles to Wales

A study to assess the feasibility of re-establishing a breeding population of White-tailed Eagles (WTE) within Monmouthshire, Newport, and the South Wales coast, restoring what was once part of Wales’ biodiversity, culture, and heritage prior to their extinction in the early 19th Century. Recent research has identified WTEs as a key missing component of marine and freshwater ecosystems in Wales.

European efforts to restore WTEs has evidenced the wider benefits this species brings to regional conservation, ecosystems, and tourism. A WTE restoration programme in Wales would not only be of Welsh, but UK and European importance to the conservation of this species. The Wye Valley & Severn Estuary are recognised as internationally important areas for wildlife and preliminary studies indicate the region supports an abundance of suitable breeding habitat for WTEs
(c.3,552.7 km²) – with 41% of suitable habitat situated within Monmouthshire and 16.3 % in Newport. The reintroduction of WTEs to these regions would help showcase and contribute to Wales’s progressive stance towards biodiversity and ecosystem restoration.

Total project cost: £17,710.00 RDP Amount: £14,168.00

Project Start: May 2022

Project Finish: September 2022