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Robotics in the Community

April 27, 2018 • Approved & Completed

Robotics in the Community

Launch of the Robotics project 11th December 2018 , click for more info: Robots are coming invitation 27 Nov 2018final1

The aim is to carry out a pilot for an outreach community education programme to help technologically-vulnerable people adjust to new technologies and engage with Robotics and AI at the advent of Industry 4.0.

The pilot will gauge whether greater familiarity with robotics and AI can help people’s future employment prospects by inspiring them to embrace robotics and AI and to develop much-needed digital skills.

Industry 4.0 – the 4th Industrial Revolution – heralds the age of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. The First Minister of Wales as well as the Chancellor of the Exchequer have both recently highlighted the need for people to develop new skill sets to thrive in the world of industry 4.0 and embrace the changes that Robotics and Artificial Intelligence will bring. According to Hammond, AI ‘could benefit households across the UK by up to £2,300 per year by 2030, and increase GDP by 10%’.

The project looks to directly address people’s fears of robotics and artificial intelligence by introducing them to robots such as iCub ( , MiRo ( and some of the other latest humanoid robots and developmental machines in AI and VR. More technologically-vulnerable people can overcome their fears by directly engaging with the robots and familiarising themselves with robotics and even learn to program robots to do simple tasks.

The project will initially extend its relationship with Sheffield Robotics ( to bring such advanced robots to local communities but the feasibility project will also explore and test the goal of setting up a UK-wide network of local hubs linking Robotic centres and universities, such as Newport, with communities nearby.

There is no reason for communities to be excluded and left behind by Industry 4.0 and the new drive for digital upskilling and STEM education. The feasibility study hopes to show that a project such as Robotics in the Community can inspire people to embrace new technology and learn the skills required to thrive in the new social and economic world that Industry 4.0 will bring.

The RDP value is £6,975, with a Total Project cost of £8,844