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Social Media Tourism Campaign

September 16, 2016 • Approved & Completed

Social Media Tourism Campaign

View the project report here

A social media tourism film campaign.

Around fifty, 30 second filmed local recommendations of visitor destinations within the Vales of Usk, places, events, activities.

The project will provide equipment and training in filming, editing, social media and destination familiarisation to ambassadors and volunteers in the area. The films will be released at regular intervals via FaceBook and Twitter to encourage people to experience the area for themselves after seeing how wonderful it is.

What are we/the project trying to achieve?

Show potential visitors how special Monmouthshire and Newport is and encourage them to visit.

Provided useful training to support tourism ambassadors and volunteers

Take advantage of the social media network to visually present local places, events and activities.

What are the timescales likely to be?

Appointment of trainers – October 2016

Purchase of Equipment – October 2016

Training of volunteers – November/December 2016

Filming – 2017

Social media campaign to 2017/2018

Total RDP Cost of the project?





View the project report here