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Theme 1

Wye Valley Woodland Project

May 26, 2016 • Approved & Completed

Wye Valley Woodland Project

View the final report here

The aim of the project was to inform, educate and advise landowners and the general public about protected woodlands of the Wye Valley and Monmouthshire and promote activity that would lead to their continued conservation and enhancement.


What the project achieved

The project was successful in carrying out a number of activities such as : –

  • Veteran Tree Assessments – A consultant carried out a survey on a number of designated areas which identified and recorded 130 veteran trees within these sites. The records have been shared with The Ancient Tree Hunt, Wye Valley AONB and SeWBRec.
  • Deer Monitoring – The Dee Initiative (DI) has undertaken a survey on the projects sites, undertaking initial deer impact assessments, which will inform and direct them to coordinate ongoing deer control across the project woodlands.
  • Woodland Owner Training Courses – A number of workshops were coordinated and delivered during this project including charcoal making, veteran tree training and a number of woodland workshops. Overall a total of 78 people attended these training courses.
  • Landowner advice – Approximately 10 woodland owners whose woodlands are within a 2km distance for the River Wye have had their woodland visited, surveyed and reports have been written to provide best woodland management principles.
  • Guided Events – 4 guided walks were organised.


Total cost of the project

RPD – £7491

Match – £7797  NRW

Total Cost – £15,288

View the final report here



Woodland pic