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Theme 2

Facilitating pre-commercial development, business partnerships and short supply chains

Examples of ideas that can be supported:

  • 1. Develop rural business network for specific sector support and networking;
  • 2. Develop a mentoring scheme for ethnic and gender minority groups in business;
  • 3. Promote and integrate local food heritage more widely within the Vale of Usk LAG area;
  • 4. Development of a social enterprise that meets gaps in rural basic services and visitor offers;
  • 5. Support Local business digital technology needs;
  • 6. Support rural digital connectivity and Wi-Fi access through shared facilities of community hubs;
  • 7. Develop an integrated on-line market place;
  • 8. Research reasons why more young people are not employed locally.

The officer responsible for the Short Supply Chains Theme is Deserie Mansfield Contact Tel : 01633 748319 or email

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How we can help you

There are five themes or topics for which you may be able to receive funding for any rural, innovative projects.