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Theme 4

Renewable Energy at Community Level

Examples of ideas that can be supported:

  • 1. Address sustainability plan proposals for rural wards of Monmouthshire and Newport;
  • 2. Develop renewable energy demonstration projects focusing on community hubs, transport and local facilities;
  • 3. Raise awareness of renewable energy opportunities in rural areas;
  • 4. Establish networks with farmers and or land owners to address community led demand;
  • 5. Encourage visitors to be environmentally sustainable;
  • 6. Consideration of supporting Renewal Heat Incentive 7 year capital grants available to communities and households.

Summary leaflets in English and Welsh outlining the opportunities for community led renewable energy projects in The Vale of Usk are available to download below:

Renewable Energy Summary Leaflet (English)

Renewable Energy Summary Leaflet (Cymraeg)

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The officer responsible for the Community Led Renewable Energy Theme is Mark Lloyd Contact Tel : 01633 644865 or email

Please take the opportunity to complete an on-line form.

This will give our team the chance to discuss your ideas with you in more detail, or if you prefer to contact Mark directly on the number above.

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How we can help you

There are five themes or topics for which you may be able to receive funding for any rural, innovative projects.