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Complying with the law

Complying with the law

Once you have decided to start a business it is useful to know all the legal requirements involved to avoid any complications in the future.  HM Revenue and Customs have produced a handy little guide or alternatively you may wish to have a chat with our local Monmouthshire Trading Standards team.

Find out how the HMRC can help you get your big idea off the ground

HMRC Guide: Thinking of working for yourself

Naming your business

Naming your business is very important as it will affect every area of your venture, your corporate identity is an important sales tool along with your brand, logo and strapline.  Your name needs to be memorable to help you stand out  to customers but thorough market research is essential to ensure:

  • It’s not already be in use by a competitor;
  • It suits your product or service
  • It will describe the Unique selling point of your product;
  • It appeals to your target market
  • It does not breach any legislation

Health & Safety

It is the legal responsibility of an employer or self employed person to ensure the health and safety of everyone affected by your business. This includes employees, subcontractors, visitors, customers and even members of the public affected by the products or services. You also have a responsibility for the environmental impact of a business. Carrying out regular risk assessments is therefore a key part of identifying and controlling health and safety and environmental hazards.