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T4002 Outputs Achieved

Energy Days

This project was successful for many reasons – firstly, it demonstrated renewable energy technologies to members of the public so that they are now able to consider whether they are sustainable for their own home. As well as this, it introduced members of the public, businesses and others to emerging technologies such as battery storage and electric vehicles. Another reason that the project was successful was because it helped reduce fuel poverty by helping people to reduce their energy bills and become more energy efficient. The project also demonstrated ways of reducing food miles by encouraging community food growing and to help people grow their own by selling plants, seeds and so on. Lastly, all of the above then challenged people into thinking about how they can live more sustainably. Monmouthshire County Council’s Sustainability Officer commented that ‘The events were organised by a range of organisations working as part of the Monmouthshire Community Climate Champions network.  Different groups organised each of the events which were marketed together as a programme of Energy Days.  Feedback from visitors and organisers was overwhelmingly positive, with people learning lots about renewable energy, reducing energy use and low carbon living’.

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