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In Monmouthshire, we’re going places.

We’re officially the most economically resilient place in Wales and we offer an unparalleled quality of life.

Monmouthshire County Council

In Monmouthshire, we’re going places. We’re officially the most economically resilient place in Wales and we offer an unparalleled quality of life. We’re opening up new markets across the UK as a result of our gateway geography and we’re pursuing more conversations with global market leaders. We’re one of only five Creative Councils in the UK because we’re passionate about embedding a cultural focus on innovation and smart business practices that enables us to scale community impact.

Monmouthshire County Council has five key priorities:

  1. Best possible start in life
  2. Thriving and well-connected county
  3. Maximise the potential of the natural and built environment
  4. Lifelong well-being
  5. Future-focused council

Monmouthshire County Council also has ambition.

With the emerging growth opportunities associated with the rollout of the Next Generation Access Broadband the Council is keen to embrace, deploy and use technology to exploit economic growth opportunities, job creation and higher living standards for all.  Monmouthshire County Council believes in a ‘Smart’ Monmouthshire where its communities are highly networked and supported, are exploiting new digital technologies, connecting to others and reducing the need for physical travel, thereby reducing our carbon emissions.  A ‘Smart’ Monmouthshire built on a resilient local economy with an army of agile workers who live locally and spend locally, generating high quality jobs.  A ‘Smart’ Monmouthshire enabled by local empowerment where services are delivered by its people for the people, increasing local prosperity and improving local democracy.

Monmouthshire County Council is therefore keen to support the local business community wherever possible whether it be through the direct support offered by its Monmouthshire Business and Enterprise Team or by accessing the many other services the Council has to offer.